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Comfort Care & Anxiety Management

We know that visiting the dentist can be stressful and uncomfortable. Dr. Janette Carroll and our team do everything we can to make your experience in our office as comfortable and convenient as possible, and we have solutions to help you manage dental anxiety and fear. We offer sedation dentistry as well as a number of amenities (including sunglasses, neck and knee pillows, blankets, hand massages, music, and headphones), to help you feel more at ease.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Why Trust Dr. Janette Carroll?

Dr. Janette Carroll may recommend nitrous oxide for patients with dental anxiety. This mild sedative helps you relax and receive your treatment with ease, and in complete comfort.

Halcion Oral Sedation

Why Trust Dr. Janette Carroll?

If you have difficulty receiving treatments because you are fearful or anxious, Halcion oral sedation may be the solution for you. Oral sedation helps you feel at ease in the chair and throughout your entire appointment so that you can have the treatments you need.

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